North Bend Oregon is a beautiful coastal community with over a million visitors a year coming to the nearby Oregon Dunes Recreation Area, with its outdoor opportunities such as all-terrain vehicle driving , camping, fishing and scenic hiking.

North Bend is still well known for its timber industry , fishing and is even home of the famous Clausen Oysters , some of the best tasting oysters in the world due to the cold temperatures of the bay.

The the historic McCullough Bridge is also located in North Bend and is as much a part of the landscape of this area as the dunes , beaches, lakes and rivers.

While North Bend is a relatively small town ,with a population under 10,000 it does have many modern amenities you would expect in larger metro areas making it an excellent place to raise a family , build a business or even retire.

It also has many modern medical facilities, a convenient shopping mall and even a Vegas style casino with over 200 rooms , five restaurants and a fitness center.

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