If your a business owner in Bandon Oregon and your looking for a highly experienced and qualified Commercial Electrician then give BAM Electric a call today! When it comes to Commercial Buildings and Industrial Electrical projects, BAM Electric has a proven track record and experience in underground installations, street light illumination, traffic signals, gas stations, […]

The local electrician that you call to repair the fused light bulb in your attic will surely not be able to handle the electrical needs of your office. That is because the demands of commercial electrical services are very different from the home setup. You need to rely on a very well established firm who […]

Are you a business owner on the Southern Oregon Coast looking for a highly experienced and qualified Commercial Electrician? BAM Electric has 33 years experience working throughout the state of Oregon on Commercial projects as well as serving coastal communities such as Coos Bay, North Bend, Bandon, Reedsport and Florence Oregon. Brad Marca owner operator […]

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